Mining Equipment & Tools
Mining Equipment & Tools

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Becorit Drum & Sheave Liners

Northern Strands is an international supplier of Becorit liners. The Becorit hoist drum liners guarantee a very high friction coefficient, excellent abrasion resistance and a high permissible surface pressure. The Becorit liners can be made to suit any drum or sheave, and recommendations will be made for the right material for your specific job.

Load Cells

  • ML100 - Ideal for applications such as blenders, floor scales, hopper scales, tank scales, and platform scales.
  • ML200 - A versatile cell suited for scale conversions and general tension applications
  • ML400 - Ideal for track and truck scales, this NTEP certified cell is designed for center mount and double link loading.
  • ML500 - This center loading cell is excellent for large capacity weighing applications such as truck and railway scales. Ideally suited for crane.
  • ML600 - Ideally suited for crane scales, weighpads, and rigid mount applications.
  • ML700 - A robust tension link that can be used in a variety of pulling situations.
  • 1100 - Used in onboard weighing and logging trucks as it is designed for rigid mount and rugged applications.
  • ML1200 - Used in our legal trade onboard weighing system and is used for heavy lifting.

Specialty Equipment

Installation & Reeving Equipment

  • Deflection sheave assemblies with pedestals
  • Double down sheaves
  • Rope tensioners
  • Reeving sockets
  • Sheaves and pedestals
  • D plates
  • Maneuvering glands
  • Suspension glands
  • Safety blocks
  • Safety clamps
  • Gooseneck deflection sheaves
  • Reel winder
  • Wire rope shears (Hydraulic)
  • Cappel banding press
  • Socketing stands
  • Snatch blocks

Maintenance Equipment

  • Rope Lubrication Systems
  • Rope Cleaners (Single & Multi Rope)
  • Kellem Grips
  • Post-former
  • Drum Liner Grooving Machines


  • Socketing resin
  • Seizing wire
  • Cleaners / degreasers
  • Wire rope lubricants

Ropeman's Tools

  • Grooving tools
  • Seizing machine
  • Socketing tools
  • Sheave groove gauges
  • Rope calipers
  • PFV coated rope repair kit
  • Punch lok tools

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