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Northern Strands Suspended Access

Northern Strands offers the largest rental fleet of suspended access equipment in Saskatchewan. We offer standard suspended access configurations along with specialized platforms and lifting systems such as wind turbine maintenance solutions. We rent and sell Blade Access Platforms. For blade inspection and repair operations, suspended platforms offer a safe, productive, and cost-effective alternative to crane and ground-based lifts.

With health and safety in mind, Northern Strands has been supplying industry since 1970, evolving into five major divisions that offer needed tools and technical knowledge in mine hoisting and attachments, general rigging, engineered fall protection, suspended access and training. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our people, Northern Strands is able to deliver added value from the start of your project whether feasibility, upgrade or modification. The design and planning stages are where the greatest potential for profitability for our customers is found.

St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program Bringing Happiness to Those Who Need It The Most

The Therapy Dog Program provided by St. John Ambulance has been a positive and uplifting experience for all those involved for over 20 years now.  Therapy Dogs and their owners typically visit seniors homes, hospitals, and university campuses.   The Therapy Dog provides comfort to those who need it the most, the elderly, sick and the mentally stressed. 

Therefore, Northern Strands was happy to sponsor Mackenzie Clarke and her Golden Retriever Nika, in their quest to become a Therapy Dog Team.  There is more to the process than one might think.  St. John's Ambulance has a stringent qualification process to becoming a Therapy Dog Team.  Not every dog is guaranteed to make the cut. 

Dogs must be

  • Accepting of a friendly stranger.
  • Sit calmly for petting.
  • Walk on a loose leash.
  • Walk through a crowd (including wheelchairs)
  • Sit on command/staying in place.
  • React well to another dog or to distractions (noise, jogger, etc).

Luckily, Mackenzie and Nika were up to the challenge!  With Nika being well trained and of good temperament, they passed.  

The next step of the process was to find placement for Mackenzie and Nika.  At first it was suggested they try the U of S and help relieve student stress.  Not a bad idea, yet Mackenzie had an alternative location in mind.  A place where she believed her and Nika could have the biggest impact on the residents.  Mackenzie believed the Sherbrooke Care Home to be that place.  The residents would greatly appreciate the comfort and friendliness of Nika.  In fact, Mackenzie and Nika would end up making multiple visits to Sherbrooke.  With those visits focusing on those with metal disabilities.  When we asked Mackenzie, "How did the residents of Sherbrooke respond to Nika?"  She stated with a big smile on her face, "They really liked her and I could tell it made them happy that she was there."

Northern Strands would like to commend Mackenzie and her dog Nika in their efforts to improve the lives of others.  Thank you from all of us at Northern Stands.

If you would like to learn more about the Therapy Dog program please visit 

Mackenzie and Therapy Dog Nika shown in photo below

Northern Strands Crosby Shrimp Boil and Rigging Training Event a Huge Success!

On June 1st Northern Strands hosted the Crosby Shrimp Boil and Rigging Training event.  Crosby picks only 4 companies a year in North America to host this event.  It took months of careful planning and teamwork to make the event a success.  

We started at the Travelodge for Rigging Training.  We had excellent attendance for the Crosby Rigging Course.  Over 80 people attend training!  Crosby Group gave an excellent course on rigging.  The Crosby trainer covered everything from rigging inspection to how the working load limit can vary between different types of rigging hardware.

Did you know that Northern Strands offers a variety of safety training courses? i.e. Fall Arrest Training, Rigging Training, Winch Training, First Aid Training, Suspended Access Training, Wirelock Socketing Training, Emergency Medical Responder Training, Medical First Responder Training, Intermediate First Aid Training and more.

After training, we all headed over to Northern Strands for the second half of our event.  The Crosby Shrimp Boil!  This is the part everyone was waiting for.  The meal consisted of sausage, peppers, corn, mushrooms, baby potatoes and of course shrimp.  See the attached PDF for the full recipe.

Shrimp boil dinner.pdf (138.67 kb)


At the Shrimp Boil we provided demonstrations on Northern Strands new Mobile Test Center.   We pulled rigging to destruction and showed how damaged rigging will readily break below the working load limit.  Our new Mobile Test Center was engineered and fabricated for Northern Strands by our sister company Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing.  

Northern Strands is now offering free, "Is Your Rigging Safe Demonstration's" to qualified customers.  We will bring our Mobile Test Center on site for your demonstration.  See the attached brochure for detail on how to book your rigging safety demonstration.

Is Your Rigging Safe Demonstration Brochure.pdf (1.25 mb)

In addition to the pull to destruction demonstrations, we offered tours of our Northern Strands rigging warehouse facilities.  We had employees giving demonstrations on how we fabricate 1" wire rope slings in our sling bay.

Northern Strands would like to thank all of our clients that attended the Northern strands Shrimp Boil and Training Event.  We hope you all enjoyed the training, dinner, pull testing demonstrations and tours of our rigging warehouse.  

Here are a few more great pictures from the Northern Strands Crosby Shrimp Boil!



Northern Strands to Host Crosby Shrimp Boil and Rigging Training Event!

This year Crosby Group has selected Northern Strands to host its famous Crosby Shrimp Boil and Rigging Training Seminar!  For those unfamiliar with this event, Crosby Group provides a free rigging course followed by a shrimp boil where you eat jumbo prawns to your hearts content.  Plus Northern Strands will be providing pull testing demonstrations on our mobile test bed and offering tours of our rigging warehouse facilities.  Crosby selects only one Canadian Crosby rigging distributor annually to host this exclusive event.  With Northern Strands being one of the top rigging companies in Saskatchewan, it was high time the Crosby Shrimp Boil made it's way back to Saskatchewan.  In fact, this isn't the first time Northern Strands has hosted the Crosby Shrimp Boil.   In years past, our Regina location hosted the event to great success.

The Northern Strands Shrimp Boil and Rigging Training event will take place Wednesday June 1st.  If you are a company that uses rigging and would like your employees to receive free rigging training followed by a free shrimp boil, contact us today to see if we still have spots available.  See the attached invitation for details...We have extended the RSVP date to May 20th.  Email if you are interested in attending.

Northern Strands Crosby Shrimp Boil Invite.pdf (827.73 kb)

Did you know that Northern Strands is the largest supplier of supplier of rigging and wire rope in Saskatchewan?  We supply many of the local farmers, construction companies and potash mines in Saskatchewan with the following rigging supplies:

  • Crosby shackles
  • web slings
  • round slings
  • chain slings
  • wire rope slings with special fitting (threaded studs, spelter sockets, swage sockets)
  • turnbuckles
  • wirelock
  • spreader beams
  • chain hoists
  • lever hoists
  • aircraft cable
  • plate clamps
  • beam clamps
  • tow straps
  • tow rope
  • snatch blocks
  • transport chain
  • fall protection gear
  • lifting hooks
  • trifors
  • grade 100 chain
  • lifting lugs
  • eyebolts & eye nuts
  • wire rope lubricant
  • grade 100 chain
  • grade 30 and 43 Chain

And of course all Crosby Rigging products!

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Spring is here and Northern Strands Rigging Warehouse is ready!

Now is the time when the agriculture, construction and mining industries are in full swing.  Demand for rigging supplies is increasing as the weather improves.  At this time of year farmers in particular are in need of many of our custom rigging products.  Northern Strands can manufacture tow cables for tractors up to 1 ½’’ diameter as well northern strands can make up replacement drawbar assemblies for harrows and cultivators.

Other popular rigging products at Northern Strands include:

  • Shackles
  • Web slings
  • Round slings
  • Turnbuckles
  • Tow straps
  • Plate clamps
  • Aircraft cable
  • Wire rope sheaves
  • Chain hoists
  • Double braided tow rope
  • Block and tackle
  • Snatch Block
  • Crosby clips
  • Crosby rigging
  • Crosby shackles
  • Beam clamps
  • Fall protection harnesses
  • Lever hoists
  • Cable grips
  • Grade 80 chain
  • Grade 100 chain
  • Synthetic rope
  • Dyneema Rope
  • Beam trolleys
  • Clevis Hooks
  • Polyester slings
  • Screw pin shackles
  • Lifting beams
  • Spreader beams
  • Plate clamps
  • Transport chain
  • Wire rope slings

Northern Strands is one of the largest rigging companies in Canada.  We are the largest wire rope and rigging company in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.   We have a Saskatoon location and a Regina location serving our customers.  With both locations having the capability to ship products across Canada.

Northern Strands is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.







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